Saturday, March 17, 2007

Grading in C3D 2008

I really like the grading feature in C3D... my wish list for 2008 is that I truly hope that the stability will greatly be improved. As most of you will agree, the feature is really amazing, only that it usually works for simpler feature line/3D polyline. Anyway, it's still a great feature considering the design and drafting capabilities it does. You can always manipulate it by using the stepped offset function in the Grading menu. The only set back is that it's without the slope scheme. :-(
Well, recently, I've the avenue to view some of the videos that showed some interesting enhancement to the latest C3D version. One of it is the C3D Grading feature. Some of the developments are:
  • Broad set of tools for creating and modifying 3D geometry (feature lines, 3D plines, 2D plines, and lot lines)
  • Calculation of feature line statistics such as linear total
  • Usability enhancements to streamline creation of grading features

It does sounds a bit technical right? I for one am not so concerned about these jargons...only keeping my fingers crossed that AutoDesk Team has come up with a yet better solution. I shall be posting an alternative solution for grading should it crashes. I am anticipating to get my hands on the new version and then I can really make a comparison...

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